Board of Directors and Operating Committee

The Shelter Valley Folk Festival would not exist without a board of hardworking individuals who have dedicated their time and efforts towards the festival. Each month, the board meets to discuss various matters leading up to the festival. To request monthly meeting minutes, please email the office. 

To read the Shelter Valley Folk Festival Bylaws, please click here.

Chair: Candace Shaw

Vice: Beth Sheffield

Secretary: Beth Sheffield

Treasurer: Amy Burnham and Doug Alcock

Directors: Brent Potts, Deborah Hackett, Lona Beck, Margaret Sullivan, Noah Sullivan, Ray Flood

Operating Committee: Amelia Sheffield Bray (Public Food), Berny Copps (Business), Colleen Potts (Children's Village), Deborah Hackett (Villages), Graham Walker (Access), Kyla McNeill (Hospitality), Liz Henkel-Thomas (Volunteers), Murray Black (Site)